Info on Circle of the Damned  

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Okay, so this thing is essentially an AU with the Flameaux siblings (three total) turning Chaotic Neutral or Evil. It’ll be pan-fandom as always, though now Kril and Kris are more focused on torture than sensuality. They’d sooner leave you handicapped than dead, is how I’d put it. Plus they and sister Patricia are getting overhauls to their appearance, due in part to a force beyond their control or something. Said appearances involve bio-machinery visible on some parts of the exposed body, and as a cliche, red irises. As of now in this AU, the three have left a slight mark, racking up somewhere between 15-30 torture victims, most living still.

If one were to ask “why are they like this now” is due to how someone ordered a hit onto their residency, burning and razing it to the ground all while confirming them dead. Details as to why the hit was ordered will be filled out later on. Just know that Kril’s got a high-rise office and leadership, Kris a bungalow and main defensive coordinator, and Patricia a laboratory and main offensive coordinator.

Their motto? “Let them live like they died inside.”

Réchauffez accueils de la nature intime.

A pair of french people live about day to day. Among a lot of weird people.